Interview with French Producer Greg Cerrone | TURN UP THE BASS

Since 2005, Greg Cerrone has been making waves in France with his stellar productions.  Now based in New York City, Greg recently signed with Ultra Records.  We caught up with Greg for a chat about his upcoming Size release “Footsteps,” EDM in America, ghost producers, and more! 

Your new track with Arias is called “Footsteps.”  How did the track come together?

That’s a long story.  Arias and I have been best friends for a lot of years now, we actually talk everyday, he is really one of my best friends.  We always send our demo tracks to each other, so one day we said to each other let’s start one together.  We literally produced the track by Skype!  100% of the track.  We both use the same software, so we exchanged the session back and forth for like 6 months!  We had one real studio day in Paris to mix it, but the funny thing is that we kept nothing from that day and went back to where we were before and finished it online!  It was a real pleasure for me (and I guess for him) to make this track together, it’s our little baby!  We wanted to have both of our styles on the track and I think it really does.

How is it working with Size?  This will be your second release with them.

Size is an amazing label!  I’ve known Steve from the very very beginning and saw the label grow andwhat he made of it.  It’s amazing!  Size has a real touch, a family vibe, and a real artistic devotion.  I’m honored and proud to be part of it.  They are really important in the industry now and it’s well deserved!

You’re French but based in NYC, what are the biggest cultural differences between America and France?

Hmm tough question.  The biggest cultural difference would be precisely the “culture” of this music, I hate the word EDM.  I come from house, disco, techno music and EDM is just a word that has existed for 3 or 4 years.  America made this music huge, which is amazing and no one thought it could get that popular but on the other hand the audience thinks it was just created a few years ago, which is not true.  Europe has much more of a culture about this dance music world than America and I love that about Europe.  But on the other hand this music works much better now in the US that’s why it’s good to travel in both. Yeah I agree that dance music in general changed for EDM.  I ‘m a house/ progressive house or techno guy mainstream or not that’s just to say commercial or not but I’m a house roots guy!  For the US I’m sort of a new artist, but I’ve been producing music and DJing since the early 2000s!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Americans will learn and get a culture of this music but since it went so fast the audience did’t have the time yet to digest it.  It is such great news that our music is doing so well, it’s purely amazing!

Do have an opinion about famous DJs using ghost producers?

Yes, I do have opinion, I don’t mind it!  It’s always existed and it always will!  It’s hard to be an artist on the road every day and to produce at the same time so I totally understand that.  I just like when these artists are more involved in the production or in the direction that it takes.  I don’t really care.  I know I produce my music myself and I work with teams, writers or co-producers, and singers so I’m happy about that.  The others do what they want, I’m just happy about what I do and it takes so much time that I don’t waste time on being a hater of these other artists.  And you know what even if you have the best ghost producer ever it doesn’t mean you’ll have a smash, it’s such a huge process.  It’s about working everyday, on everything, every moment, so I suggest people to work hard on their specific talent, that’s the main thing.  Especially today it’s hard work!  You have to have the good music, the good moment, the different music, the good look, the good team, the good label.  Also radio shows around the world, the good director for the video so it goes around and around.  Since I moved to NYC I’ve been focusing on that A LOT and did less gigs and it was just a choice when I arrived.  Now I must admit I want to do some more gigs as I have so many new tracks already ready to go.

Favorite non-EDM album?

Last Pharrell!!!!!!!!!!!  AMAZING or Daft Punk as I don’t consider it as EDM or Marilyn Monroe.  I ‘m such a fan of Hans Zimmer.  I love all the arrangements of the album!  I also like Arctic Monkeys or that kind of music.  I don’t listen EDM at home to be honest, I need a change.

If you were a superhero, who would you be?

Wolverine!  Except I need to build up some muscle on my body!  I used to have pretty much the same hair cut hahahah

What is coming up next for you?

Tons of things.  “Footsteps” with my buddy Arias.  The Britney remix will finally be out soon.  I am currently working on my original album which will be on Ultra Music.  The new single is ready and I think I have like 250% of the album now.  I need to finish so many ideas but I can say already that I have five tracks really finished now.  I also want to do some pop tracks, I started already, that’s just for fun for now but we’ll see where I go on that.  The main thing now that i want to do is SONGS, not just drops with an electro base line and a kick. “Nightventure,” “Foot Steps,” “Rise Together” all have melodies and are songs. That’s my goal actually.  Also we started something with two foreign artist but i really cant say yet… sorry

Many thanks!

Great!  Thanks for your questions!