Shermanology's Top 11 Singers of All-Time | TURN UP THE BASS

Dutch DJ/vocalist trio Shermanology are well known for their unique combo of belting voices and fiery dance beats.  Seeing that Andy, Dorothy and Leon Sherman know vocals like no other, we thought it was only fitting to ask them for their favorite singers.  Here we bring you Shermanology’s top 11 singers of all-time!

Whitney Houston – Dorothy used to imitate Whitney since she was like 4 years old.

James Brown – This is Man’s World

Kim Burrell – The most amazing gospel singer you will ever hear.

Stevie Wonder – One of our favorites of all time.  Our dads played all his albums.  Tony (Dorothy & Andy’s dad) even did backing vocals for Stevie at the Free Nelson Mandela concert.  Wanna hear our dad do a Stevie Wonder medley??
No joke this is not Stevie Wonder.

Donny Hathaway – One of the biggest soul legends.  You should also check his daughter Lalah Hathaway.

Mariah Carey – Dorothy drove us mad with Mariah. Owww my god!!

Lalah Hathaway – Have you heard someone sing chords??

Jazmine Sullivan – Raw and soulful. There was a video where she did a performance in a classroom. No effects, just soul.

Axel Rose – Everybody needs some rock in their life.

Beyonce – This is really just Dorothy putting this in the list.  LOL

Prince – Gotta love the master of funk.

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