Fresh From The Sochi Olympics: Interview with Russian DJ Rudenko | TURN UP THE BASS

Russian Rudenko is hot off the heels of DJing in Sochi where he became the first DJ in the world to open the Winter Olympic Games.  Rudenko’s Sochi DJ set was actually a broadcast of his debut album ‘Parade of Nations’ that features a unique blend of progressive, trance, tech-house, and samples from famous Russian songs.  TURN UP THE BASS caught up with the Russian talent to chat about Sochi, the Russian EDM scene, and beyond!

How was producing the music for the Olympics different than your other productions?

When I produce my own tracks it feels as if I am free as a bird.  Although I actually had a lot of freedom here as well, I did have to include some parts of famous Russian melodies, movie soundtracks, or some small vocal samples into my productions.  This way I always had to bear in mind how I can make it sound modern but at the same time understandable for the world and Russian community.

What feelings were you trying to create with ‘Parade of Nations’?

The Olympic Games are the biggest event in the world and the opening ceremony is one of the most broadcast events.  The opening ceremony producers explained they wanted to have 40,000 people rave in a stadium!  So the main feeling I was aiming for was to make music that unites all nations all over the world. The audience should feel they are a part of something really big and unique.

Who were your biggest influences growing up in Russia?

I can’t really say that I was influenced solely by Russian culture.  During my childhood I used to listen to a lot of music in English and to a lot of dance music.  Originally dance music wasn’t invented in Russia, but it is a smart idea to take Russian classic music for the background and mix it with EDM.

How is the EDM scene in Russia?

I may say that EDM in Russia differs from what we used to call EDM.  If you take a look at big festivals like Sensation or Creamfields it’s the same as anywhere in the world, but if you go out to regular night clubs, you will hear a very radio influenced playlist.  This also happens in some luxury London clubs as well.

What do you predict is going to happen next in the EDM scene in Russia & the rest of the world?

I would love to see EDM going back to its roots music-wise.  Now a lot of producers often sound the same, using the same patches, same samples and everyone seems to be happy now because it works.  But I feel that dance music will become more melodic and more musical.  People are tired of all the same banging beats without any soul. In terms of popularity I think EDM will continue to grow!

Do you plan on touring in America?

I would love to, but at the moment my current goal is to promote my album so my team and I are busy over here at the moment!

With the current situation in Russia and Ukraine, will it be harder for Russians to get visas to come to America?

To be honest I always say that music should NOT be a part of politics.  Music is a universal language that can unite people all over the world.  It’s a different world and different game and actually it’s very far from our regular everyday life.  Nobody wants this or any other kind of such situations all over the world to influence communication between people and music lovers.

Now that ‘Parade of Nations’ has been released what are your next projects?

My next project is a new single in English with very unique vocals.  I’ve recorded a live choir and live strings, not even talking about live guitar and piano for that record so it sounds epic!  I spent a lot of time working on the new single and I hope people will love it!

Many thanks for your time!

My pleasure.  Thanks for your questions!

‘Parade of Nations’ is available now in the iTunes store.