Thomas Gold feat. Kaelyn Behr – “Remember” (RELEASE) | TURN UP THE BASS

Berlin-based Thomas Gold is back with a hot new single, “Remember,” out now on Axwell’s Axtone Records.  Thomas Gold is well known for his enthusiastic live performances with his personal edits being the secret weapons of his sets.  His productions are pure quality earning him respect among the world’s best DJs.

His latest track is the stellar vocal house bomb, “Remember.”   The track mixes it up with an uplifting male vocal combined with a drum soaked funky, playful bass-line!

As for the inspiration for “Remember” from Thomas Gold:

“I was thinking back to all my shows this summer and some of the most memorable moments occurred while playing outdoor venues and seeing the sunrise come up behind the crowd. It’s a really powerful moment and going from night to day in such a rapid fashion completely changed the whole mood for everyone. Seeing the sun coming up behind the crowd – especially with all the people dancing – was something to remember!”

“Remember” is out now on Axtone!  Get your copy HERE!