Crookers – “Ghetto Guetta” (RELEASE) | TURN UP THE BASS

Italian beat-monger Crookers is back at it with an explosive new original track, “Ghetto Guetta.”  Hot off the heels of turning out a funky as hell remix for TJR’s “Ode to Oi,” Crookers are back with a vengeance with ”Ghetto Guetta.”  Going back to the original Crookers sound with its bouncy house beats and wicked wobbly bass-line, “Ghetto Guetta” is a fun loving playful track perfect for the club!!  

The man behind Crookers, Phra recently spoke to Billboard about the track:

“Everything started with a wordplay on ‘Ghetto Guetta,’” Crookers’ Francesco “Phra” Barbaglia says of the track’s origins. “After I came up with that, then I tried to translate that wordplay into music. My idea behind making ‘Ghetto Guetta’ was to use a mainstream break, big chords against simple and effective brass and big drums.”

“Ghetto Guetta” is out now!!  Get it on Itunes HERE!