Crookers New Track “Ghetto Guetta” – Get the First Listen… | TURN UP THE BASS

Italian beat-monger Crookers is back at it with an explosive new original track, “Ghetto Guetta.”  Hot off the heels of turning out a funky as hell remix for TJR’s Ode to Oi, Crookers are back with a vengeance with “Ghetto Guetta.”  Going back to the original Crookers sound with its bouncy house beats and wicked wobbly bass-line, “Ghetto Guetta” is a fun loving playful track sure to do serious damage to the dance-floor!

The man behind Crookers, Phra recently spoke to Billboard about the track:

“Everything started with a wordplay on ‘Ghetto Guetta,’” Crookers’ Francesco “Phra” Barbaglia says of the track’s origins. “After I came up with that, then I tried to translate that wordplay into music. My idea behind making ‘Ghetto Guetta’ was to use a mainstream break, big chords against simple and effective brass and big drums.”

Out October 22 on Ciao Recordings.  Check out the teaster below!  For the full stream of “Ghetto Guetta” head over to Billboard.