10 Things You Didn't Know About Showtek | TURN UP THE BASS

Dutch brothers Wouter and Sjoerd Janssen, better known as Showtek, have been DJing and producing for over ten years.  They transitioned from hard-style to electro-house over the past few years and rose to fame once again with the hits “Booyah,” “We Like To Party,” “Hey,” “How We Do,” and “Cannonball.” Read on to get to know Showtek a lot better!

Their track “Raver” was handpicked by Sacha Baron Cohen, AKA Borat, to be in his movie Bruno.  “Raver” appears in the film’s official soundtrack.

They sampled “In Da Club” by rapper 50 Cent on their track “Go Showtek.” Showtek grew up listening to hip hop artists Snoop Dogg, Timbaland, and Wu-tang Clan.

They used to co-produce with Tiësto.  They first met in Ibiza and went on to work together on the ALLURE project, which was made up of front man Dave Kruh, Tiësto, and Showtek.  Tiësto and Showtek formally collaborated once again on “Hell Yeah,” which was released on Musical Freedom Records in 2012.

Showtek started off as techno producers in 2001.  The ‘tek’ in their name stands for techno.  Their early inspiration came from techno DJs Dave Clarke and Marco Bailey.

The name of their newly formed record label Skink Records comes from a particular species of lizard.  According to a press release, “the label embodies the characteristics of this unlikely emblem. Elusive and impossible to pin down, the skink is a survivor, making it the perfect symbol of Showtek’s continuing musical evolution and determination to sustain longevity with their endeavors.”

In 2012 they co-produced “Nobody’s Perfect” by Chris Brown. It was released in 2013 on Chris Brown’s album ‘Carpe Diem.’

They’ve been good friends with fellow Dutch DJ/producer Jordy Dazz for over 10 years.

Baldy & Cresty are their alter egos in animated form.

Fedde Le Grand was the first popular DJ that played their music.  They are both from the town of Breda in Holland, which is where Tiësto and Hardwell are also from.

Their favorite chill-out track is “Sure Thing” by St. Germain.