Top 7 EDM Instagram Photos Of The Week 12-14-13 | TURN UP THE BASS

Here is what ruled the EDM world, when EDM meets Instagram!

7. “Taking selfies w/ this lady who taught me how do Vietnamese style stretches.” @steveaoki

6. “What happens when the cop say stop the music and you dont! #Bali #TheSpark” @afrojack

5. “Guess who got a bigger banana than @dadalife ?!?! ME! #dirtydutch #djchuckie” @djchuckie

4. “SELFIE SUNDAYS” @djcarnage

3. “Met a super fan tonight. you guys are unreal! #NERVOfansforeverrr” @nervomusic

2. “We went to the Temple of Heaven Park today. @steveaoki was here a few days ago, except I trained some real Kung Fu here ha ha.” @laidbackluke

1. “Thank you Australia for this amazing tour!