Sandro Silva & Oliver Twizt Interview | TURN UP THE BASS

Dutch heavyweights Sandro Silva and Oliver Twizt are currently igniting the Mixmash Records tour through North America.  Sandro Silva, known for his broad energetic sound, has been an EDM sensation since the monster “Epic” was released in 2011.  The influence of “Epic” can still be seen today on tracks such as Martin Garrix’s “Animals.”  Oliver Twizt is a dangerous producer not afraid to break genre boundaries.  His versatile creativeness led EDM bosses Diplo and Laidback Luke to take notice, propelling him to the top of the charts since 2010.

by Renee Koo

RK: How are you guys doing?

SS: I’m great.  I’m really great.

OT: I’m good, feeling good.

RK: You guys played Tomorrowland this summer on the Mixmash Super U & Me stage, how was that?

OT: In one word, SICK!

SS: Yeah Tomorrowland was crazy! The crowd was so energetic with so many different people from all over the world and everyone is there for just one thing  – to party!

RK: What are your favorite places to play and why?

OT: Well, of course one of my favorites was EDC Vegas.  That was my biggest show ever so that was absolutely crazy.  I also like the energy in the United States.  Its like 10 times higher than the rest of the world.   This is one of my favorite countries.

RK: Nice, that’s a good answer because I’m American.

SS: Yeah I kind of have the same feeling like Oliver.  I love the states of course, the crowd is so different if you compare it to Europe or even Asia and they’re really growing up with House Music right now so that’s a good thing and they’re starting to get there even more.

RK: You guys made the track “Pull the Trigger” last year, it’s so sick.  It came out on Ultra Records, what about any new music you guys made together that’s coming soon?

OT: Yeah we got one!

SS: Yeah we got one coming! It’s ID-ed already.  I think it’s going to be a big track for sure!

RK: You played it at Tomorrowland, what’s the name?!

OT: No it’s an ID!

SS: Still ID! It’s a big track with a really big drop!

RK: What about any collaborations with other artists?  Sandro, I heard you’re working on a track with David Guetta and another one with Congorock?

SS: Yeah it’s still in the pipeline because I’m working on my own stuff first so we have a lot of solo releases coming up and after that we are going to finish the collabs.

RK: Oliver, I don’t know what to expect from you because you’ve remixed everyone from Madonna to Justin Bieber, its amazing!  Any other collaborations with other artists that are coming soon?

OT: I have a lot of projects laying around to finish up.  Like you said, everyday when I’m in the studio I don’t know what’s coming up.  But yeah there are a couple collabs coming soon.

RK: Any names?

OT: Not yet, not yet. (Laughing)

SS:  Secrets, secrets.

RK: All good, everything’s hush hush.  When you guys were growing up, who were your biggest influences.  Who inspired you the most?

SS: I think for me Tiesto.  I was 13 or 14 when he was blowing up in Holland.  I saw it and was really astonished by it so yeah I think he’s the number one for me.

OT: Wow that’s a really difficult question because I was that urban kid.  The main reason why I started making music was because I wanted to be the new Timberland.  So I guess Timberland, Neptunes, you know those guys got me into making music.  Then, I don’t know what happened but suddenly I started making EDM. So for me yeah the hip – hop producers are the most inspirational like Timberland, the Neptunes, Dr Dre, Snoop.

RK: Are there any hip – hop artists that you would like to make a track with if you could?

OT: Yeah! Everybody! Kendrick Lamar, if you hear this Kendrick, Holla at your boy! Or Jay-Z or Drake, she got my information so just Holla at your boy! (Laughing)

SS: (Laughing) Beyonce!

RK: If you are listening Beyonce, message me, DM me!

SS: (Laughing) Please follow me on Twitter!

RK: What do you guys think about ghost producers? Do you guys have an opinion? I know obviously you don’t use them.

SS: I don’t do it but I understand why some people do it though.  It’s not my cup of tea.  I personally hate it because it’s a part of your job as a DJ nowadays, just DJing is not enough anymore so that’s my opinion about it.

OT: Yeah I completely share your opinion! I’m going to say it mildly that it’s just not the right thing to do.  For example, a soccer player doesn’t have a ghost penalty kicker or a ghost sprinter!  You know he has the full package.  Everyone  needs the full package.

SS: It’s not completely fair you know because a producer and a DJ who does it the normal way he has to put so much more energy into it than just a DJ who has a ghost producer.

RK: Yeah and it’s kind of not fair to the fans.

SS: Yeah cause they think something else.  If you have a ghost producer, you have to say it aloud.  Don’t mess around and say yeah I don’t have a ghost producer.  Just be  honest about it.

RK: Exactly.  Honesty is always the best policy.

SS: Yeah, exactly, for sure.  People love that.

RK: What would you guys be doing if you weren’t making music?

SS: That’s a really hard question.

OT: I studied industrial design so I guess I would be an industrial designer! I would be making interactive things, next level stuff!

SS: Making Pioneer stuff.

OT: Yes, Pioneer stuff exactly, taking the DJ experience to another level with holograms and stuff.

RK: 3D

OT: 3D, everything!

RK: 4D

OT: 4D, 5D

SS: 6D, 7D, 8D….Whoa, I didn’t really think about it.  I think I would be a criminal or something. (Laughing) I’m just joking!

RK: I can’t picture you robbing a bank!

SS: No, I think I would have my own company or something.  I would try to do something for myself.

RK: Be your own boss.

SS: Exactly, because I don’t like to work for a boss.

RK: What advice do you have for future producers, the next generation of music makers?  They’re always asking for tips and advice.  Don’t have a ghost producer obviously.

SS: Exactly, work hard that’s the first thing and be unique that’s the second.  You have to be a game changer and not a follower because there are so many followers.  If  you look at the Beatport top 100, almost all the tracks are the same and there are just one or two tracks that are outstanding.  You have to have that one or two tracks.

RK: Yeah, I learned that from Luke, Laidback Luke, that you really should just try something different and not give a s*$t what people think.

SS: Yeah that’s it.

OT: Just be yourself.

SS: Be yourself, exactly and with your music too.

OT: And spread it out to the world!  Don’t keep it in your bedroom – spread it out!

RK: Spread the love

OT: Let it go!

SS: If it’s good enough though.  If it’s not than you don’t have to spread it because you have to work hard.  But, if you think it’s finished and it’s there than yeah spread it out.

RK: Sandro, that’s how you got discovered right, by sending  your music to Laidback Luke on the forums.

SS: Yeah, basically I sent it to Luke and he said he liked it and wanted to sign it on his label.  Since there it started growing and it’s been growing.

RK: What do you guys have coming up next?  What  are your next projects?

SS: So first we are doing this tour together.  My next release is coming out on Spinnin Records, “Puna”

RK: What does “Puna” mean?  Can I ask?

SS: Yeah it means p#$$y in Hungarian.

RK: I thought so!

SS: I’m a really naughty boy (Laughing).

OT: (Laughing) This is not for underage listeners.

SS: I think it’s going to be a big release.  I can’t wait.

RK: Yeah I’ve heard it, it’s sick!  It’s pretty dope!

SS: Thank so much.

RK: There’s another one.

SS: Yes there’s also Payback that’s coming out on Revealed in November.  After that Throne, which is coming out on Calvin Harris’s label.

RK: What about you Oliver, what’s coming up for you?

OT: After this tour, ADE, Amsterdam, and a short Asia weekend.

RK: Weekend?

OT: Asia yeah they like to do weekends!  I don’t know why but Asia weekends.

RK: In & Out, Thank you Ma’am.

OT: Hi Asia, Bye Asia.  Yeah I’m working on a lot of releases right now.  That’s the only thing I can say about it right now.  You should see it all in 2014.  I’m working really hard now for 2K14.  2K14 Ladies and Gentlemen!

SS: Hell yeah!

RK: Many many thanks guys!  I appreciate you taking time to talk to me.

SS: For sure, thank you!

OT: Thank you!

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