Chuckie Performs for the Dutch King & Queen in Aruba | TURN UP THE BASS

Dutch King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima ended their visit to the Caribbean with a special performance from Chuckie on the Dutch island of Aruba!  As you can see in the photo, it looks like the Dutch Royalties were really enjoying Chuckie’s Dirty Dutch beats!  

From Chuckie, “So tonight I played for the DUTCH ROYALTIES! King Willem-Alexander & Queen Maxima!!! Another milestone in my career..I’m really proud of this! Also special shout out to the local Aruba crowd for partying hard during my set! #djchuckie #dirtydutch #arubianomitaswa”

Here is some footage of King Willem-Alexander & Queen Maxima entering the stage:

Photo cred: Metronieuws