D-Wayne feat. Jack McManus – If You Come Back | TURN UP THE BASS

Jacked crew member D-Wayne is back with an uplifting vocal smash featuring talented British singer/songwriter Jack McManus.  D-Wayne & mentor Afrojack previously collaborated with Jack McManus on “Freedom” off of Afojack’s debut album ‘Forget The World.’  We caught up with D-Wayne for an interview recently where he walked us through the production process of the track saying, “What I want to do with my tracks right now is work towards my own sound.  I want to add a touch of organicness to my tracks so live instruments for example.  We had an electric guitarist write with us and Jack is singing on it.  Jack is an artist who comes from the rock side of music and that’s what I found really interesting about the collaboration.  In music there are no rules and you can collaborate with anyone.  That’s what it was like when we were together in the writer’s camp.  We all came from different sides and we just started writing and this is what popped up.  It was an inspirational process as well because it changes your whole mind set about producing music. I’m really excited about the track.”  

“If You Come Back” is also the official anthem for Electric Run in Holland.  Peep the preview below and stay tuned for release date info!