HBO’s New EDM Sitcom Will Be Like Human Traffic/Project X Meets Entourage | TURN UP THE BASS

We now have more info about HBO’s new EDM sitcom executive produced by Calvin Harris, Jay Z, & Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett Smith.  The show’s writer Irvine Welsh, best known for penning the novel Trainspotting, recently gave an update to In The Mix saying, “We’ve been working on stuff and trying to get something together.  It’s a comedy about the rise of a DJ through the world of electronic dance music, from humble origins to becoming a superstar DJ…The idea’s to make it very character driven as well – you’ve got [touchstones] like Human Traffic and Project X and that kind of territory, and Entourage is another one too, you know, about the people that are around them.”  

As for the show’s music Welsh is hoping Calvin Harris will produce it. He told In The Mix, “Hopefully he’ll do the music for it…Obviously he’s got a wealth of experience in that kind of world, so he’s not just a music supervisor, he’s a script consultant as well.”

What are your thoughts, is EDM going too mainstream?

via: In The Mix