Beatport Acknowledges Paid Chart Positions & Issues A Stern Warning To Offenders | TURN UP THE BASS

Paid chart positions have long been talked about behind-the-scenes as being destructive to the scene. Beatport has now publicly acknowledged their occurrence and has issued a firm warning to offenders: 

“When we spot a boosted record or track, we remove it from the store, and we’ll continue to do so.  Our next step is to permanently ban the offending artists and labels. And we’re not bluffing.”

“First, if you’re artificially boosting your sales to fake the demand needed to score a favorable chart position, you’re robbing someone else, someone more deserving, of that same spot.  You’re doing more than cheating.  You’re stealing.  You’re lying.  You’re taking false credit for something you didn’t earn, and you’re hurting someone else by doing so.

Second, chart-boosting rarely works.  There are some very easy and obvious clues that help us spot the scammers.  These scammers talk a good game, but they’re really just preying on the desperation of aspiring DJs in order to line their own pockets.  More often than not, the money spent on these scams is just wasted.

Third, you might get caught.  There’s nothing the music industry hates more than an exposed fraud.  Do you really want to chance short-term gain for long-term embarrassment?”

What are your thoughts?

via: Beatport