Top 7 EDM Instagram Photos Of The Week 12-07-13 | TURN UP THE BASS

What happens when EDM meets Instagram?!

7. “Found this online!! Thx to whoever made it! #edc #throwback #insomniac” @pasqualerotella

6. “#tbt me in Jamaica in the 90s” @diplo

5. “Good morning! #TBT moment with me and Ax posing up in Hull, UK 2005. Admittedly not my best look :-)” @realstonebridge

4. “Say hello to my little friend.” @feddelegrand

3. “#aokijump #497. The Temple of Heaven Jump. Temple of Heaven. Beijing, China. December 4, 2013.” @steveaoki

2. “You know snapchat is over when….” @diplo

1. “GUYS!!!!!! I’M NOMINATED FOR A F***IN’ GRAMMY W/ CLARITY!!!!!!!!!!” @zedd