Cash Cash Interview | TURN UP THE BASS

New Jersey’s Cash Cash have been making serious waves in the EDM scene with their infectious electro-pop sound.  So far they have turned out official remixes for Nicky Romero, Hardwell, Capital Cities, Vicetone, Krewella, Bruno Mars, Calvin Harris, and Nervo & Hook N Sling.  TURN UP THE BASS caught up with J.P. for a chat about new-found fame, playing in Japan, and up-coming collabs.


So being from New Jersey are you guys big fans of the TV show The Sopranos?

Oh hell yeah. We’re obsessed with The Sopranos.  We’re in the studio with Christina Perri right now and she’s obsessed too. We would get side-tracked for an hour at a time.

How did you guys first get started?

My little brother is in the band of course so he has always been around.  Sam and I have been friends since like 3rd or 4th grade.  We started doing music together on guitars, bass, and drums and doing things in school in jazz band. In 7th grade we started producing and recording music.

How did you make the crossover to EDM?

We were always an electronic group so there was always that foundation.  We dropped the guitars and dropped the drums.  It was a slow evolution but we were always doing remixes and collaborations with electronic artists. Remixing helped us raise the bar to apply it to our music.

I really like the Showtek remix because it’s a bit harder than your other stuff.

Thanks, yeah it happened naturally. When you do a remix there is no wall.  The sky is the limit and you learn new things and new tricks so it’s a really cool process.


What’s been the most memorable gig and why?

We played with Krewella at Pier 94 in New York City and that was overwhelming.  8,000 people were all screaming – it was awesome.  Everyone starting singing along to “Take Me Home.”  It was a really great moment being surrounded by all the people you want to be.

You guys are big everywhere but it seems like you also have a big following in Japan. How is the Japanese crowd different than the Western crowd?

It’s definitely different.  Nightlife is picking up over there but it’s still very disciplined. There are a lot of rules going on with the government and nightclubs, it’s weird.  They are just a bit more strict over there.  We’ve had some shows over there that were amazing. Everything is also a bit earlier over there.  Here we go later and go harder.  That’s just the way it is.

What did you like best about Japan?

The sushi for sure. We were eating sushi everyday.

Do you guys have a dream collab?

Obviously Daft Punk but I don’t think they are taking any collaborations at the moment.  It would be cool to do something with Justice or maybe some of the older guys.  We’ve done stuff now for Nicky Romero’s label Protocol and for Hardwell as well remixing his song.  The best thing is that everyone is open to collaborations and there are so many variations of it.  Even just a remix collaboration.  It’s fun because it keeps everything fresh and you learn from everybody.  You strengthen your production skills.


You guys have a really loyal fan following. Do you have any crazy obsessed fan stories?

We’ve been pretty lucky.  We don’t have any crazy fans .  We’ve just been pulled at and had shirts ripped, nothing too creepy or anything.  A couple of times we’ve had fans outside our house.

What do you guys do in your free time?

We don’t really get any but on my Instagram you might see some interesting things.  That’s all I’m gonna say.

I heard you guys might be doing something with Dillon Francis.  What can you tell me about that?

Yeah totally.  We’re talking about it.  We’ve been in LA working with Christina Perri.  That’s gonna be awesome.  We’re really stoked about that.

Awesome.  Many thanks!

Thank you!