Axwell Λ Ingrosso To Debut New Song 'On My Way' In NYC | TURN UP THE BASS

Swedes Axwell Λ Ingrosso will debut a brand new track ‘On My Way’ at their show in New York City June 8th at Governors Ball.  Fans went on a real-life scavenger hunt in NYC to piece together the songs lyrics.  After the announcement of the reunion, fans were encouraged to sign-up on their website and were then sent out a variety of packages such as sheet music, a letter from the guys, and a scratch card.

Photo cred: InstagramPhoto cred: Instagram

The hunt began with the following Instagram post by Axwell:

Song Title: #OnMyWay. Verses & Chorus: Streets of NYC or posted to your door. Share. Build. Sing #LouderTogether

Photo cred: Instagram

Here are the results!

Photo cred: Twitter