Interview With Funky House Masters Crazibiza | TURN UP THE BASS

Hungarian duo Crazibiza are known for their sunny and insanely catchy bass-lines.  Those funky, happy beats led to work with Axwell, Spencer & Hill, Chris Willis, Ultra Nate, Adele, Ron Carroll, and everyone in between.  We had a chance to chat with them at Miami WMC, check it out! 

How is Miami going so far?

It’s going very, very good.  We got started today at Nikki Beach and we’re going to have another eight or ten parties plus we have a few studio sessions as well so it’s gonna be a working week.  But we like to work , 24/7 this is our job and our hobby.  When you’re happy it’s your hobby and when you’re a little tired it’s your job but can’t complain.

Your sound is very funky so I’m curious how you got your style? You definitely have your own style and sound.

We were trying to do something that no one did before like ass-shaking groovy music.  If you don’t move in the studio it means it’s not good.  We always try to make it as phat as possible. Agebeat does all the work to make it as phat as possible and I’m putting in the samples to make it more funky and groovy.  In the end we usually say if there is nothing else that we can fit in there that’s when the track is finished.  We are happy that you say we have a special sound because that is the most important thing for a DJ.  It’s also important to make people dance.

What’s the EDM scene like in Hungary?

We don’t really know because we don’t play there a lot.  There’s a big festival called Balaton Sound there that prefers more international DJs.  When we play we don’t like to play for just an hour.  We always ask for longer sets and usually we play for five hours.  We do it live with Ableton and Natives so it’s kind of like you are sitting in the studio and you can do edits live.  So what you heard you won’t hear again.

Who do you think are hot artists to watch in 2014?

There are so many talented guys like Slideback for example.  The Dutch scene is bringing up a lot of good artists doing deep house like Oliver Heldens.

You guys travel a lot. What is your favorite country for food and why?

There are so many.  Kuala Lumpur is just amazing.  Italy is also amazing.  The tastiest food we had was in New Zealand because it was very fresh.  Travel gives us a lot of inspiration.  On the plane we have a lot of good studio sessions.  That’s how our collab with Chris Willis started.  You sit on a plane, you have an idea, then you go home and send him a track and it goes from there.  When we are not traveling we prefer to make music in the studio or on the plane then finalize it in the studio.  That’s what’s good about travel.

Favorite non-EDM album?

The new Tensnake album.  My favorite albums are by Marvin Gaye, Roberta Flack, Air, and Goldfrapp.  There are too many albums but these days we don’t really have time to listen to full albums.

What’s coming up next for you guys?

We have a bunch of stuff.  We just did a track with Chris Willis, one with Ron Carroll, there is an Ultra Nate remix, and a remix for Timbaland.  We love hip hop and he’s a really good producer.  We have so many of our own productions.  We just finished a track in the car on the way over here.  It’s important for us to always stay busy.  We like to work on a few tracks at the stay time, multi-tasking.