Steve Angello Vs Nicky Romero | TURN UP THE BASS

What started off as an accusation of a stolen track, then an innocent defense from TURN UP THE BASS quickly escalated to a Twitter war between EDM titans Steve Angello & Nicky Romero.  Dimitri Vangelis accused Stadiumx of copying the unreleased track “Payback” by Steve Angello, Dimitri Vangelis, & Wyman on their track “Howl At The Moon.”  Stadiumx’s highly-anticipated “Howl At The Moon” is signed to Nicky Romero’s imprint Protocol Recordings and its Feb. 24th release date was just announced by Protocol Recordings.  

Both tracks are similar and fall under the category of euphoric progressive house but we believe those are the only things they have in common.


Dimitri Vangelis was very vocal on Twitter, calling out Stadiumx for stealing “Payback.”

This is where TURN UP THE BASS had to step in and defend Stadiumx. Stadiumx are one of TURN UP THE BASS’s 10 Artists to Watch in 2014 and we also had the honor of conducting their first interview ever last year. (Note: Eric Fender is Stadiumx’s manager)

Enter Nicky Romero

Enter Steve Angello

Whose presence was enjoyed

But insisted this wasn’t an argument

The fans still enjoyed

What do you think? Should this of been handled privately from the beginning?