Go Bazooka: Interview With Firebeatz | TURN UP THE BASS

Firebeatz have built up a solid reputation by releasing nothing but top notch productions since storming into the dance music scene in 2008. The Holland based duo, Tim & Jurre, have been smashing the club with tracks such as “Funky Shit,” “Dear New York,” “Bazooka,” “Helicopter (with Martin Garrix), and “Guitar Track (with Sander van Doorn).”  We caught up with the fun-loving guys for a chat about upcoming tracks, their unique sound, and more!

During Miami Music Week two fans won a helicopter flight over Miami with you guys and Martin Garrix, how was that?

Yeah crazy!  It was really good.  It was our first time in a helicopter.  It was really fun.  The fans were really cool and really excited also.

“Guitar Track” was previewed first as an ID with your identities hidden, was it hard keeping it a secret?

There were a lot of rumors about it!  It was a little bit.  In the beginning it was OK but then when all the rumors kept going and our DJ friends were all asking is it your record we had to be like no no.

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How would you describe your sound to people who don’t know you?

A lot of energy.  We keep the groove.  We always try to have a groove in our sounds.  We also like to sample a lot so sample-wise productions with Run-DMC or The Prodigy – that kind of vibe.

Your sound is very eclectic with rap and r&b feels, what were your influences?

We both have different backgrounds from drum & bass/dub-step to hip-hop. Beastie Boys, The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, all that shit is awesome. “Informer” by Snow, that’s my favorite song.  We actually tried it live once but we got booed off stage.

What’s the best thing about being a DJ?

Waking up late and touring.  Touring is fucking awesome.  Being in the studio making music for our sets.  Just overall having fun, having a good time, and making people smile.  We are always goofing around.

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Who do you think will be the next big thing in dance music?

There are a lot of young guys, young producers right now.  We like Thomas Newson’s new stuff.  We think he’s gonna become really big.

Favorite app?

The KLM app so I can check out how many miles I have.  Instagram is a lot of fun.  Also Candy Crash I’m addicted to.

Best country for food?

Definitely Italy for food and wine.

First record you ever bought?

That’s a good one.  Pendulum, before they became Knife Party.  Before that Michael Jackson or maybe Beastie Boys ‘License To Ill.’

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Best festival in the world and why?

Tomorrowland because the production and the stages are amazing.  Everything just sounds right and it looks right.  EDC Vegas is also amazing.  We didn’t play there yet but the Insomniac stuff is always really great.

What’s in your rider?

Coconut juice, two bottles of Dom Pérignon, and two bottles of Grey Goose.

What’s coming up next?

A lot of tracks and touring!  We also made a track with Tiesto for his album ‘A Town Called Paradise.’

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“Bazooka” is out now on Beatport!  Grab your copy here: btprt.dj/1o6kEKj