Snapchat Will Provide Free Wi-Fi At EDC Vegas | TURN UP THE BASS

Snapchat will provide everyone at EDC Vegas with free wi-fi access to Snapchat and the Insomniac app.  Both companies are attracting the same demographic of fans.  During EDC New York Insomniac treated fans who follow their newly created Snapchat account (user name: insomniacevents) to exclusive sneak peek announcements revealing the names of some of the artists who will be playing at EDC Vegas.

In addition Snapchat will be debuting a new feature called “Our Story” at EDC at Vegas.  They released a statement saying:

“If you’re at Electric Daisy Carnival, simply add a Snap to “Our EDC Story” that appears in your “Send to…” page. You’ll need to turn on location services to let Snapchat know that you’re actually at the event. We don’t store your location.

If you can’t make it to Electric Daisy Carnival, add EDCLive on Snapchat to check out the event – live – through a series of Snaps!  If Our Story gets too long or we see any Snaps that look illegal, we’ll curate EDCLive to provide the best possible experience.”

Very cool!

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SNAPCHAT USERNAME: turnup_thebass

Photo cred: Insomniac