Firebeatz Interview At TomorrowWorld | TURN UP THE BASS

Firebeatz have built up a solid reputation by releasing nothing but stellar productions since storming into the dance music scene in 2008. The Netherlands-based duo, Tim & Jurre have been smashing the club with tracks such as “Funky Shit,” “Dear New York,” “Bazooka,” “Helicopter (with Martin Garrix), “Guitar Track (with Sander van Doorn),” and “No Heroes (with KSHMR).” We caught up with the fun-loving guys for a chat before their set at TomorrowWorld – check it out!

You guys are playing TomorrowWorld today, do you have anything special planned for your set?

Tim: A lot of new stuff. Actually more than 80% is our own stuff – good ole Firebeatz sound.

Your latest singles have all been doing really well “No Heroes” and now “Switch.”

Jurre: Yeah we’re really glad with that.

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What are your upcoming tracks?

Tim: The “Calabria” remix we did on Tiesto’s label Musical Freedom.
Jurre: “I Can’t Understand” with Chocolate Puma, it’s coming out on Spinnin.’ It’s really housey. We loved to work with those legends. I’m glad they’re blowing up again.

If you could be any superhero who would you be?

Jurre: We don’t want no heroes. Tim: Batman

Jurre: Spiderman or Robin because Tim already called Batman. He got shotgun.


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What do you predict will be the next trend in EDM?

Jurre: It’s difficult to say but groove is coming back a bit – I like that – more dancing.

Future House?

Jurre: A bit but that’s still on the main stage.

Tim: I think it’s gonna be like dub-step. It’s gonna go down in a year. I really think it’s a trend. EDM is weird because when it started everyone thought it was a trend but it never died down and it’s still going so strong. I think it’s because that energy is so incomparable to anything else that’s out there – so in your face. That’s gonna go on for a while and it’s just gonna melt down with all other genres like trap and everything. That’s just gonna be here for a long time.

Some people say the EDM bubble will burst.

Jurre: They said it like a year ago. I was thinking maybe it will but it’s growing again. It’s good it’s getting commercialized for the other styles like techno, minimal. Everything gets more attention when people focus on dance music in general so that’s a good thing.

What’s good about Tomorrowland/TomorrowWorld is you have all the different EDM genres coming together so you can find anything and everything – EDM playground.

Jurre: Yeah for sure.
Tim: That’s cool.

If you weren’t making music what would you be doing?

Tim: I think I would be doing something with music – start a label or work at a label or something. I’ve always loved music and played it. Being A&R at a label would be really cool.

Have you guys thought about having your own label?

Jurre: Yes

Tim: Yes, when the time is right. There have been some plans but we’re so busy touring. Maybe if we had some time to really think it through then definitely.