Wolfpack Interview At TomorrowWorld – TURN UP THE BASS

Smash The House members Wolfpack have been carving out a niche in the EDM scene since the TomorrowWorld anthem “Ocarina” with buddies Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike shot up the charts. We caught up with the Belgian wonder duo at TomorrowWorld for a chat about new music & more – check it out!

You guys just played at TomorrowWorld. Your set was awesome, how’d it go?

Steve: It was really cool. There weren’t so many people when we started but they just kept on coming and coming.

Yeah they were going crazy like halfway through and it was really early and you still had them going.

Steve: That’s what we do.

What are your next tracks that you got coming up?

Steve: We’ve got “We Are One” together with We Are Loud, the guys that made “Booyah” with Showtek. We just played it today and the reaction was amazing so we’re really excited for that one.

What other collaborations do you have coming?

Ruben: We’ve got one with one Ibranovski and with the guys from DVBBS.

Where do you see EDM in 5 years?

Ruben: Hopefully still with us. Steve: I’m sure it will be.

Ruben: I don’t know I have no clue because sometimes things change so quickly sometimes they don’t. You can’t predict the future.

What do you think will be the next big thing if you had to predict the future?

Steve: I think that the way house music is evolving it’s changing to a little bit of old school and a little bit of this – it’s kind of changing. It’s taking like the best of all the different styles of house music that have been and I think we’re gonna have a big surprise.
Ruben: Yeah we like to mix it all together with some deep house in our mash ups – with some rock, some hip-hop.

What do you do in your free time?

Steve: Make music, make love, and eat good.

You guys definitely eat good.

Steve: It’s really important like when you’re traveling the hour difference between where you came from and the time that you eat.

Ruben: It’s not always possible so when you can you have to.