Cash Cash Interview At TomorrowWorld – TURN UP THE BASS

New Jersey’s Cash Cash have been making serious waves in the EDM scene with their infectious electro-pop sound.  We caught up with the trio at TomorrowWorld right before their set on the main stage – check it out!

You guys are playing TomorrowWorld’s main stage today do you have anything special planned for your set?

Sam: Yeah new songs, new edits, new remixes.

You’re gonna play your new song “Surrender,” which is quite different than the rest of your stuff, more progressive.

J.P.: Yeah it’s similar to “Take Me Home” a little bit more progressive. It feels really good.
Sam: The response has been awesome so far.

Did you like intentionally decide that you were gonna change your sound a bit or did it just happen in the studio naturally?

J.P.: We tried to keep the last three singles kind of in the same vain. “Take Me Home,” “Lightning” and “Surrender” all kind of have that progressive electro dance pop song vibe.

What do you have coming up, what are your next projects?

J.P.: A lot of touring, a lot new songs, some cool remixes.
Sam: Really cool collaborations that will hopefully be coming out later this year.

Photo cred: Chadwick Morris Photography

If you could be any animal what would you be and why?

Alex: Sloth because I could sleep all day and still live my whole life just through sleeping. Sam: Maybe one of those Bonobos. Bonobo monkeys they have sex all day and it’s a very free society. No fighting because they have sex a lot.

J.P.: I’d probably be a turtle so I could just go into hiding and be a recluse.

What’s your favorite app? Sam: Instagram

Alex: YouTube

Do you guys use snapchat?

Sam: Yes

What are your snapchat names?

Alex: cashcash
J.P.: Yeah we look at girls’ nudes all the time 🙂