10 Things You Didn't Know About Axwell – TURN UP THE BASS

Axel Hedfors, better known as Axwell, is a man who needs little introduction. The founding member of the Swedish House Mafia first shot into the limelight in 2004 with the release of “Feel the Vibe.”  Read on to learn ten things you probably didn’t know about Axwell!

He really doesn’t like warm up DJs playing his tracks.  In 2007 a warm up DJ made the mistake of playing “Feel The Vibe” before his set.  Axwell took some ice from a champagne bucket and threw it at him.  The DJ later claimed he didn’t know it was Axwell’s song.

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Axwell got his first tattoo in the summer of 2013.  He has his wife’s last name, Golnar, tattooed on his chest.

He started off producing acid techno under the moniker OXL.  “Listening Comprehension Test” was the name of his first record.

Axwell has tinnitus, which is an annoying hum or ringing in the ears.  In an interview with DJ Mag in 2009 he said, “It was bound to happen, but at the moment I can manage it.  I’m obviously worried about my long-term hearing but for now I’ll live.”

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In 2010 Axwell received his first Grammy nomination along with Dirty South for their remix of “Sweet Disposition” by Temper Trap.


His first release as Axwell was the Jazz Player EP on Stoney Boy Music in 1998.  “Jazz Player” sampled “Hooked Up” by Jamiroquai.

Drums are the only instrument he can play.

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Axwell has seen the freaky side of Japan. In an interview with Resident Advisor in 2005 he mentioned, “…in Japan I have been to some freaky parties, some really freaked out fetish parties!!”

Remixing Madonna was his first high profile production.  Axwell remixed “Jump” in 2006.  You can buy it in the iTunes store HERE.

Axwell grew up listening to the Prodigy and “I Found U” was inspired by them. 

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