Chuckie & Maarten Vorwerk – Dirty Funkin Beats (RELEASE) – TURN UP THE BASS

No one saw this coming!  Maarten Vorwerk is well-known behind the scenes as being involved with a lot of big EDM tracks.  He’s also been recently named by Laidback Luke as being his favorite producer of 2013. Maarten Vorwerk works unaccredited so it came as a bit of a shock that he teamed up with Chuckie to produce a track under his own name.  The two created fire in just a short time with Chuckie tweeting, “Damn, f***ing @MaartenVorwerk works faster than a rocket…we just finished this record called “Dirty Funkin’ Beats”!  That’s me on the vocals!”  Maybe this is just the beginning and Maarten Vorwerk will start producing under his name.  Only time will tell.

“Dirty Funkin Beats” is out now!  Get it HERE!

UPDATE: The track will be released as: Chuckie – Dirty Funkin Beats