Hardwell & Tiesto Talk Friendship & Working Together – TURN UP THE BASS

In an interview at Tomorrowland, Hardwell & Tiesto spoke with Billboard about their special friendship and collaborating together. Tiesto spoke about being impressed with Hardwell at a young age, “He had a lot of success before with the Latin house he was doing and DJing around Holland when he was 15. It’s pretty unheard of.” About their friendship Hardwell said, “We’re more friends now than colleagues. Tijs is the only DJ I share all of my music with and keep in touch with every day…It’s quite recent that we’re collaborating again and we’re actually collaborating on a new song, so we’re being more productive together than ever before.”

Hardwell also spoke about his upcoming album being influenced by Tijs, “Every album that Tijs did in the past is totally unique and it’s always different in a good way. I want to use all those albums as inspiration and show my diversity on my first album. I want to actually combine everything Tijs did in the past on one album. There’s gonna be some deep house tracks on it and also some radio friendly songs and, of course, exactly the EDM sound that people expect from Hardwell.”

Hardwell echoed similar words when we caught up with him at EDC Vegas:

“I’m not saying I’m making proper trap or deep-house music but it’s going from being more deep stuff to the music people know me for to more vocal stuff to maybe some more pop stuff as well. On the other hand there are super underground tracks as well. It’s different you know I’m just having so much fun right now in the process making the album. Every single song is almost like a different genre. I don’t want to name any genres because I always try to think out of the box and good music is good music. I think if you hear my artist album it will be more diverse than a Hardwell DJ set.”

via: Billboard
Photo cred: Jordan Loyd/Facebook