Dannic & Lucky Date feat. Harrison – Mayday (PREVIEW) – TURN UP THE BASS

Revealed’s star Dannic is teaming up with Lucky Date and “Ain’t A Party” vocalist Harrison for a collab of epic proportions! We caught up with Dannic recently during his Asia tour where he told us how the track came together. After Lucky Date threw down an insane remix for Dannic’s track “Dear Life,” the two knew they wanted to make a track together. After the track was done the diffcult part was finding that right vocal. Dannic met Harrison in Ibiza last summer, they stayed in touch so Dannic sent it out to him. Harrison came back right away with the perfect flavors, nailing that spooky breakdown, and the rest is history! “Mayday” will be released March 16 on Revealed Recordings.

Check out the video below!