It's A Mayday – Interview With Dannic – TURN UP THE BASS

Revealed Recordings poster boy Dannic has come a long way in the past year, reaching number 30 in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs and a slew of Beatport chart-toppers. We caught up with Dannic during his recent Asia tour – check it out!

Here with Dannic you just played ZoukOut Singapore, how was your set?

Awesome, actually I started as the first international DJ. People were actually waiting, sitting on the ground for when I started. When my intro hit people went crazy.

And a lot of new music.

Yeah I played a lot of new music. It was almost like a test set. I played like 4 or 5 new tracks. It went really well. Of course I heard some things I want to change because I haven’t spent much time in my studio. I really need my studio to actually finish it off, to finish all the tracks.

I really like the one with Lucky Date and Harrison, how did that track come about?

Thanks.  It’s a funny story actually cause Lucky Date did a remix of “Dear Life” and I was a really big fan of his for a long time playing his stuff so we really connected.  He’s like do you want to do a collab or whatever and I’m like yeah I have these drops maybe we can work on it together.  We sent it back and forth and we had this instrumental which I played for a long time.  I made this mash-up with it and we were like we need something in the breakdown because the breakdown is like almost spooky so we searched for a vocalist and it’s so hard to get that right vocal.  I met Harrison in Ibiza – really talented guy.  Of course he’s known from “Ain’t A Party” with Guetta.  He’s like yeah I like this track I’m gonna write something right now and in 10 minutes he sent me that vocal.  I was like yeah let’s do it.  It really fits the song, it’s a little more commercial than I’m used to but it has so much energy.

If there was one thing you could change about the EDM scene right now what would it be?

That’s a good question because the EDM scene is evolving so fast. Every week something new is happening. We have this future house trend right now, we’re kind of a little bit done with the hard kick drums and the raving thing where people are only jumping. I would like to see some groovier stuff like actual music.

Do you see yourself ever making future/deep house?

I did actually under a different name.

What is recently released under a different name?


What name?

I can’t tell you but it’s just me searching for greater depth.

Dyro recently started his own label Wolv records. Is that something you thought about doing as well?

Of course I’ve thought about it but right now there’s a lot of great music that’s my style more groovy but still EDM so we released this Dannic Selections EP on Revealed. I don’t want to leave Revealed – me and Robb have been working together so close. I think for now this is a really good option and maybe next year we might start my label. Maybe a sub-label under Revealed.

What’s one thing no one knows about you?

I have these Front Of House TV shows on YouTube and sometimes I see myself and I’m like oh no. I do watch them – we’re working really close with GIG entertainment, really talented guys. Actually I’ve showed a lot of myself – sometimes too much. I’m just being me. Maybe I’m a bit clumsy sometimes.

If you could be any animal what would you be?

I would be a cheetah. He’s fast, on the loose, and just goes wherever he wants.

What are your next projects that you’ve got coming up?

The track with Lucky Date and Harrison. The remixes are coming up for “Wait For You.” Dannic Selections EP is coming in December. I have 4,5 or 6 new tracks coming. I actually made a new track here in Asia on my laptop I played it tonight as well.

Any collabs?

Yes but I can’t talk about them yet. There’s a lot in the pipeline. The new track with Lucky Date and Harrison is the next single.


What about any of the IDs from your set?

Yeah I have this progressive track coming up which is a Dannic edit with really talented guys from Canada. We worked on the track a lot and with the vocals. I’m really happy with that one.

photo cred: Facebook