Laidback Luke & Afrojack – Move To The Sound – TURN UP THE BASS

Laidback Luke now returns with fellow Dutch megastar Afrojack on “Move To The Sound” their hotly anticipated collaboration. “Move To The Sound” is audibly a cut above dance music’s current offerings, with their combined studio skills coming together to form a standout cut from both artist’s Ultra sets during Miami Music Week.

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Frantically alternating from bona-fide dancefloor filler to exotic hip shaker, “Move To The Sound” brings together a 80’s synthy vibe with typically huge Laidback Luke beats, and the big room attitude Afrojack is synonymous with. ‘Move To The Sound’ represents these artists at the top of their respective games, their complementing attitudes towards dance music synergising to form a track that encapsulates the best of both Laidback Lukel’s massive beats and Afrojack’s energetic rhythms.

Through the combined might of Laidback Luke and Afrojack, undoubtedly two of the biggest DJs in the world, “Move To The Sound” is sure to become a track to top in 2016, a highly charged and immaculately produced big room anthem that will be a staple of sets worldwide come summer.

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