Yves V Interview At TomorrowWorld – TURN UP THE BASS

Belgium’s own Tomorrowland resident Yves V rocked TomorrowWorld with big-room beats and EDM anthems.  We caught up with the festival favorite at TomorrowWorld to talk new music, cats, & more – check it out!  

Here we are with Yves V at TomorrowWorld. You played today on the main stage, how did your set go?

It was amazing. I played on the main stage and then after that I did a second set on the Anthems stage with Sidney Sampson. Like always Tomorrowland and TomorrowWorld is a lot of fun. The vibe was there, the crowd was there, so yeah it was a crazy day.

I really like that track you did with Sidney Samson from the Tomorrowland after-movie.

Thank you so much. Yeah even though it’s quite new the reaction of the crowd was amazing. It looked like everyone already knew the track which is a good sign.

Yves V & Sidney Samson – ID #edmcentre #tomorrowland #yvesv #sidneysamson #edm #tomorrowland2014

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How did that track come together?

I think we did it six months ago. We saw each other at another show and we were talking let’s do something together. We spent one day in the studio and we had the main idea. After that we were just mailing each other. It was a really good collaboration.

Yeah it sounds awesome.

And we had a lot of fun too.

I think that is most important.

Yeah that’s what music is all about – having fun and enjoying. That collaboration I’m very happy with it.

What do you have coming up next what are your other releases?

I just released a track with Regi “Wait Til Tomorrow.” It’s on Smash The House from Dimitri & Mike.

With Mitch Crown on the vocals.

Yeah Mitch Crown on the vocals. Actually he’s my MC at Tomorrowland at my own stage, V sessions stage. He does all the MCing.

He’s a great vocalist, he’s been on a lot of tracks.

Yeah great vocalist and great MC. He was on “Spaceman” with Hardwell. He’s really nice also, it was a lot of fun with him too. Actually the track’s been doing really well with great feedback. I think in Belgium in iTunes it entered the chart at #1 or #2. I’m really happy with that and it’s been getting a lot of airplay. We’ll see how the track does the next couple of weeks.

If you could be any animal what would you be and why?

A cat just because I’m cat person. I have a cat at home that is my best friend I have to say. Everyone’s laughing at me but I just love cats and animals in general.

Do you have just one cat?

Just one cat but it’s a really fat cat like Garfield. If I had two of those my home would be really small. He’s so big and really social. He always follows me and wants to sit on me.

What would you be doing if you weren’t making music?

Actually three or four years ago I was a teacher teaching sports and philosophy so probably I would be a teacher.