Top 5 Behind-The-Scenes Producers in EDM – TURN UP THE BASS

Some producers prefer to stay out of the spotlight and instead work behind-the-scenes as helpers fine tuning a track to make it the very best.  Others choose to work for others unaccredited when they are not producing for themselves.  Here we bring you TURN UP THE BASS’s picks for the top 5 behind-the-scenes producers in the game!

5. Tom Staar

Brit Tom Staar is best known for remixing the Swedish House Mafia and has had releases on major labels such as Spinnin’ Records, Toolroom, Wall Recordings, and Wolfgang Gartner’s imprint Kindergarten Records.  He also works as an audio engineer for other artists when he is not producing for himself.

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Studio vibeseez wiv HotSince82 today! Looking forward to gettin back into Tom Staar mode nxt week after 2 solid wks of producing for others

— Tom Staar (@TomStaar) February 23, 2012

4. Joachim Garraud

Joachim Garraud is well-known in France for being David Guetta’s co-producer in the beginning of his career.  He had a recording studio in the heart of Paris, which allowed him to work with artists such as Deep Dish, David Bowie, Kylie Minogue, Cassius, Cerrone, Moby, and Robbie Rivera.  He began working with Guetta in 2001, co-writing and co-producing David Guetta’s album ‘Just A Little More Love.’  They went on to create F*** Me I’m Famous Records and were nominated for a Grammy for best remixers in 2006. Joachim Garraud parted ways with David Guetta a few years ago and now just produces for himself and continues to make Ze Mixx radio show.

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3. Dennis Waakop Reijers

Tiësto has been working with Dennis Waakop Reijers for a number of years. According to Tiësto’s Wikipedia, “Tiësto met producer Dennis Waakop Reijers in 1998, and the two have worked together extensively since then.  Reijers is credited as producer, writer, composer, or arranger on many of Tiësto’s releases.”

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2. Allessandro “Alle” Benassi

Italian Alle Benassi is Benny Benassi’s cousin and the mastermind behind the massive game-changer “Satisfaction.”  He also co-wrote and co-produced several hits for Chris Brown such as “Beautiful People” and “Don’t Wake Me Up.”  In 2011 Alle Benassi won a Grammy for his work on Chris Brown’s album ‘FAME,’ which won for Best R&B Album.  His most recent project was co-producing an album by EDM pop duo Timeflies.

1. Maarten Vorwerk

Rotterdam-based EDM machine Maarten Vorwerk is well-known behind the scenes for being involved with a lot of Beatport chart-toppers.  His jump-style and hard-style roots come through in the festival bangers he’s been creating. Recently he was named by Laidback Luke as his favorite producer of 2013. Maarten Vorwerk’s last known release was the party anthem “Dirty Funkin’ Beats” with Chuckie but since he prefers to stay out of the limelight it was released just under Chuckie’s name.

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