Laidback Luke & Konih – Like This – TURN UP THE BASS

Boom! Ones To Watch’ founding father and spirit animal Laidback Luke is back on the label with a massive banger. Teaming up with the talented Konih, their fiery track ‘Like This’ is definitely a signature OTW release – hyping build up, pumping vocals and finished of with a rock hard drop that will bring complete chaos to the dance floor. Konih is a somewhat mysterious figure with an impressive calibre for his few releases so far, with collaborative efforts alongside German duo TWOLOUD on Calvin Harris’ Fly Eye and Musical Freedom.

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The track begins life as what seems like a straightforward electro house groove, but upon the drop transforms into an absolutely hard-as-nails tribal thumper, led by detuned, atonal synth blasts hammering away over a infectious kick drum rhythm. The second break fires up brooding horn sounds and a nagging pitch-bending riff before the rowdy vocal snippet unleashes the fury once again. Big isn’t the word.

But that’s not all. Legends TWOLOUD got their hands on ‘Like This’ and created a banging remix that struck exactly the right nerve with Luke & Konih. With the remix turning out so well, they both decided to feature it in the release pack together with the original.

Luke sees his sub-label Ones To Watch as a “stepping stone” for emerging talent to help them break through into the big leagues and will see him provide same level of attention to detail and support that Mixmash has come to be recognised for. Don’t be surprised to see some of these artists ‘graduate’ onto the main label itself.