Maarten Vorwerk's 5 Production Tips for Faster Workflow – TURN UP THE BASS

Dutch-bred and now Aruba-based EDM machine Maarten Vorwerk is well-known behind the scenes for being involved with a lot of Beatport chart-toppers. His jump-style/hard-style roots come through in the festival bangers he’s been creating which led Laidback Luke to name him as his favorite producer of 2013.  Here are Maarten Vorwerk’s five production tips to give you faster workflow in the studio!

Set an arrangement for the track. I always use color-coded blocks that tell me at which part I am in the song. That way you can easily shift between the parts in your track. You won’t have to waste time looking where you put your build-up or bridge etc.  Also if the record company wants a different arrangement of the track it’s much easier navigating this way.

Make sure you save the individual mix settings on the sounds you love or bounce them as audio so you can use them again in future tracks. This helps you to keep improving your mixing since you will always be starting where the last track ended. This also helps to create your own signature style.

Be sure you have enough inspiration before entering the studio. The biggest hits are always laid down in a couple of hours and are always created in some kind of zombie flow (you know what I am talking about).  If you don’t feel inspired do something else.  Go to the movies, play sports, take a walk, have sex, whatever.

Buy the best studio chair money can buy.  You are going to have some long hours in the studio.  The last thing you want is a back cramp or stiff muscles after a hard day’s work.  I myself have a massage chair, which is also good for inspiration.

Always try to do something you have never tried before in each track you make no matter how small it is.  It keeps you evolving and learning at the same time. The creative process can be extremely annoying as well as rewarding. To project something that is in your head into your DAW can be very difficult and time consuming.  Don’t be afraid to try new stuff out.  See what happens if you make two of the weirdest insert chains and link them together.

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