10 Things You Didn't Know About Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike – TURN UP THE BASS

Belgium brothers Dimitri Thivaios & Michael Thivaios, better known as Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have taken the EDM world by storm capturing the #6 position in the 2013 DJ Mag Top 100. With five Beatport #1 hits this year alone, an incredible 2 million+ fans on Facebook, their hit ‘Smash The House Radio’ show and their debut 20,000 capacity arena showcase ‘Bringing Home The Madness’ selling out in under 24 hours, the world is now absolutely at their feet.  Read on to get to know these Kings of TomorrowLand a lot better!

1. A party-hardy lifestyle runs in the family. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s grandparents partied in the crowd at TomorrowLand 2012 while watching their grandsons perform.

2. Their big break came in 2009, when their debut remix “Work That Body” caught the attention of Axwell, who immediately commissioned them for Abel Ramos’s track “Rotterdam City of Love.”

3. Dimitri Vegas moved to Ibiza as a teenager and started DJing at a hotel on the island.  

4. Like Mike started off producing hip-hop.  

5. They starred in their own TomorrowLand comic book written by Paul Jenkins, who wrote for Spider-Man.

6. Dimitri Vegas has a fascination with comics.  He’s been reading them since he was a little boy, and still has a subscription.  “He thinks he’s Spiderman,” according to Like Mike.

7. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have always dreamed of working with Eminem.

8. TomorrowLand founder Michiel Beers is their manager.

9. Lady Gaga personally chose Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike to remix her track “Marry the Night” in 2011.

10. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike grew up in the town of Willebroek, which is a 5 minute drive from Boom, the location of TomorrowLand.