Third Party: Our Top 5 Most Important Size Releases | TURN UP THE BASS

English duo Third Party, Jonnie and Harry, are currently on the Size Matters North America Tour celebrating a decade of Size Records.  We caught up with them for their top five most important Size releases, a chat about industry trends, and upcoming releases.

Jonnie: “The hardest thing for us is that because we take music so seriously we could never release something just because we have to.  So many people have a hit and just keep following it up with releases because their management or the label tells them that they have to.  Being with Size, Steve never encourages us to release anything we aren’t happy with.  We only want to release something we are super happy with.  So it’s going against the thing you just gotta release something because you just had a hit.”

Harry: “You want to keep your quality up but at the same time the industry is in a way right now where you have to have a release every month to stay current.  We worked for a year and stored up our tracks kind of like a chipmunk does with nuts and now we’re gonna send them out.  We have four tracks ready to go now.  Our next release is “Every Day Of My Life,” that’s coming out next month.”

Here are our Top 5 most important Size releases of the past decade:

5. Steve Angello – Knas

“Knas” is a really banging track.

4. Kim Fai – P.S.

Really hits hard.

3. Steve angello & Third Party – Lights

It was a huge track for us.

2. Afrojack – Pacha On Acid

At the time it just killed it and it still goes off five years later.

1. Nari & Milani – Atom

“Atom” changed the genre for everyone after it came out.  For two years everyone was trying to copy it.  It’s the most influential Size release ever.