'Kickstart' It with JoeySuki: Exclusive Interview | TURN UP THE BASS

JoeySuki is a one-of-a-kind DJ/Producer from Tilburg, Holland. With more than 50 releases over the past five years, JoeySuki has proven that he’s a musical powerhouse!  Joey has polished his productions into a clear, unique sound. This has seen him have releases on major labels like Spinnin’, Flamingo, and Toolroom Records with support from Tiesto, Hardwell, and the Swedish House Mafia.  Check out our exclusive interview with the rising Dutch star where we spoke about his upcoming release on Revealed “Life is Calling” and the importance of helping out the next generation of producers!

How did you get started making music?

I first started as a DJ playing music in the local bars and discos in the South of Holland but my nephew was a DJ/Producer at that time and I really got interested in EDM production after spending an afternoon in his studio. That was the point where I decided to buy a ‘producer starter pack’ and start making music!

How would you describe your sound to people?

I always try to include a lot of energy in my tracks, especially in the build ups and drops of course but I also like to add a lot of emotion.  What’s music without emotion right?  I love it when tracks really hit you and when the drop is just a burst of emotion coming over you!


At the Amsterdam Dance Event Revealed party, Hardwell brought you out on stage with Kill the Buzz to debut the track you guys made together “Life is Calling.” How was that?

That was really cool!  I’ve known Hardwell for a few years now, since we made a track together called “Munster” and I’ve known Kill The Buzz for about a year now. I just loved being on stage with those guys right there!  There was just one thing that I forgot at that moment and that was the thousands of people watching the livestream back home haha.  My social media exploded after that performance!


“Life is Calling” is amazing!  How did that track come about?

That’s actually a funny story haha.  When we were in the studio for the first time we produced a track which we thought needed a vocal, so we decided to put a vocal on top of it.  When we received the vocal it was like love at first sight! The vocal was so perfect that we decided to produce a new track for it which would fit perfectly for the vocal.  So it was originally written for another track but we decided to make something else out of it.


You recently held a remix competition for your track “Kickstart” via your label Dubbed Records.  It seems that it’s important to you to help out new producers.

Yeah of course!  As a producer myself I know how hard it is to climb up the ladder.  The music scene is just one big maze with a lot of directions you could go in but it’s really important to have a clear goal.  I try to help young producers by giving them a platform for their music.  There’s just so much music out there, so it’s hard to get noticed!  With my Suki Likes concept and the remix contest, I’ve been trying to find unheard talent out there and give them a platform to let other people hear their music!  In the end it’s all about the music!


Do you consider yourself more a DJ or a producer?

I think I’m more of a DJ because I’m a DJ who became a producer and not a producer who became a DJ.  I always try to produce my tracks in the way that I would love to play them in my DJ sets, so every track is made from a DJ state of mind.

You collaborated with Hardwell on the track “Munster” in 2011, any plans of making another track together?

Haha, there aren’t any plans in the future but I would love to make a track with him again!  He’s just a great guy to work with and he always has the greatest ideas.

Any upcoming collabs you can tell me about?

Besides the track with Kill The Buzz, I also have a track ready with Firebeatz. I’m also working on some other collaborations but it’s a bit too early to talk about them.


What are your top 5 favorite tracks at the moment?

1) Thomas Gold – Remember (Original Mix) 2) Dannic & Sick Individuals – Blueprint (Original Mix) 3) Icona Pop – All Night (Filip Jenven & Mike Perry Remix) 4) Jordy Dazz – Torpedo (Original Mix)

5) Dyro – Go Down (Original Mix)

What’s coming up next for JoeySuki, a US tour possibly?

Yeah hopefully!  I’m currently in the end of my US Visa process so fingers crossed that I can tour the states soon!  I have a few other international gigs coming up in Italy, Ireland, and England. You can also expect a lot of new music from my side in the next few months – remixes, originals and collaborations! I’m also working on getting my label Dubbed Records to the next level so keep an eye on that as well!