Nicky Romero & Krewella “Legacy” Video Premiere – It's Here!! | TURN UP THE BASS

The “Legacy” video is finally here!!  Man I can’t think of the last time an EDM video had everyone waiting for it like “Legacy” did!  Well, the “Legacy” video has lived up to the hype!  It’s not your average EDM video shot in a glitzy nightclub with all your favorite DJ cliches! 

The “Legacy” video starts off by a showing a woman with cancer ashamed of wearing her wig to work.  We later see her son and his friends taking revenge on her coworkers by destroying their cars and houses.  The boys then shave her coworkers heads so they can see what it’s like not to have any hair. When the woman sees everyone at her office without any hair, it gives her the courage to go without her wig.

The “Legacy” lyrics also tie in with the video for added awesomeness!  On top of that Nicky’s frigid scenes during the track’s epic drops are totally dope!

Awesome video!!  Check it out below!