JoeySuki & Kill The Buzz – Life Is Calling | TURN UP THE BASS

Hardwell premiered the future EDM anthem “Life is Calling” JoeySuki & Kill The Buzz at Hardwell presents: Revealed ADE Edition and what a premiere is was!! “Life is Calling” is an infectious anthem that pulls you in with its sexy sweeping vocals and raw rave energy!!

I recently asked JoeySuki how “Life Is Calling” came about and he said, “That’s actually a funny story haha. When we were in the studio for the first time we produced a track which we thought needed a vocal, so we decided to put a vocal on top of it. When we received the vocal it was like love at first sight! The vocal was so perfect that we decided to produce a new track for it which would fit perfectly for the vocal. So it was originally written for another track but we decided to make something else out of it.”

“Life is Calling” is out now on Revealed Recordings!