Avicii Talks Big Plans for Ultra 2014, Next Album | TURN UP THE BASS

When Avicii previewed his debut album True at this year’s Ultra Music Festival Miami, he was accompanied by a country blue-grass band and a few non-EDM singers.  His Facebook page immediately erupted with criticism from disappointed fans who didn’t know what to think of Avicii’s new style.  Despite the negative initial response, True debuted at number 5 on the Billboard 200 following its September release. Avicii recently spoke to Billboard about that controversial performance and topping it for next year, “I was always confident in the music, and I think my manager and everyone on my team was confident in the music. Even though some cynical people think it was a marketing ploy, it was never a marketing ploy..I set out to make the kind of music I love listening to……We’re always doing stuff for Ultra, like the year before we brought out Madonna. Next year, I don’t know, but I think we’re planning a couple things. It’s more of a way for us to do something fun that no one else is doing.”

He went on to speak about “True” and his next album, “I really love the direction I went with this album because I ended up with something I never had before, which is real songs other than house songs.  I like house music, it’s always where I begin and it’s my number one passion.  But those tracks are also made for the dancefloor. These other songs were more songs and a score. It’s all about the melodies and you’re able to listen to it wherever you are. Hopefully I’m gonna continue down that road.”

via Billboard