W&W Interview At TomorrowWorld | TURN UP THE BASS

Wardt van der Harst and Willem van Hanegem, better knows as Dutch wonder duo W&W first met after a chance meeting at Trance Energy in 2007.  From trance to house beats to everything in between, their powerful kicks and beautiful melodies have won over loyal fans all over the world.  We had a chance to catch up with the talented twosome in Chattahoochee Hills after their TomorrowWorld set – check it out!

You guys just played TomorrowWorld how was your set?

Wardt: We thought it was good. It was the second year for us. We played last year as well I think it was a lot bigger than last year so it’s good to be back.

You played a lot of new tracks.

Willem: Yeah a lot of new stuff. Like half the set was new stuff. We tried to work on it during the 12 hour flight from Tokyo. We made new tracks, new edits, new reworks.

What are your next releases?

Willem: The second one with Headhunterz “We Control The Sound” a track with Hardwell and Fatman Scoop called “Don’t Stop The Madness.” When we get back home tomorrow we are gonna work on new stuff. We have five tracks we want to finish. Wardt: We need to add the finishing touch.

Willem: Most of it we haven’t played out yet.

What’s the next single that’s a W&W solo track?

Willem: We have like three solo W&W singles but we still need to find which one is the best one. We always like make some and one we choose and the rest are for our sets.

You’re making another track with Blasterjaxx they told me but it’s really in the beginning stages.

Wardt: Yeah really beginning stages. We spent a day in the studio but we didn’t have a lot of time and we were mostly just talking and having fun not a lot of producing. We have a really really small in the beginning stages kind of set up so who knows.

What would you be doing if you weren’t making music?

Wardt: I’d probably be working in a factory or something. I didn’t even finish high school so I’m lucky I’m doing this.
Willem: I just love to play soccer.

Are you good at soccer?

Willem: I used to be but not anymore. Now I suck at it.

You should play against Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano.

Willem: Ah that’s easy. Wardt: No competition. Willem: Sunnery there’s no competition…

Wardt: If you’re watching this.

If you could be any animal what would you be and why?

Wardt: Giraffe.

I think you guys are the giraffes of EDM.

Willem: Gorilla, I love gorillas.

What do you think is gonna be happening in the scene in 5 years?

Willem: We still don’t know what’s gonna happen in the next year so we don’t know in 5 years.

Or next month

Willem: Yeah, everything changes so quick.

Which is a good thing I think because it keeps things exciting. Who are the upcoming producers to watch out for?

Willem: Oliver Heldens is doing more deep and more tech house. We just signed new guys called Riggi & Piros. They do big-room progressive big house tracks. Andrew Rayel is going big in trance. Ummet Ozcan has had an amazing year. There’s so many new guys coming up right now.