Borgeous Interview At TomorrowWorld – TURN UP THE BASS

American DJ/producer Borgeous has been heating up the charts since last summer with hits such as “Tsunami,” “Stampede,” “Wildfire,” and “Invincible.” We caught up with rising star before his set on the main stage at TomorrowWorld – check it out!

You’re playing TomorrowWorld today, do you have anything special planned for your set?

I’m gonna play some new songs – “Break The House” with Tony Junior, a song with Lights that’s coming out next year that I’m gonna play for the first time. And a song called “They Don’t Know Us” that Martin Garrix played on his BBC Radio 1 mix. It’s with the same vocalist from “Invincible” and “Wildfire” Julia Michaels. I’m playing those three and a bunch of cool new edits I made.

Are you nervous before your set?

Nah I don’t get nervous. I think the adrenaline just takes over for anyone who goes up there so you can’t be nervous. Natural adrenaline takes over and you’re in “go-mode.”

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

No but I like to be quiet for a little bit like 5 or 10 minutes just in my own space before the show. Like just me and my tour manager up on stage and that’s it.

What was the last spur of the moment thing you did?

Ah man I haven’t done anything spontaneous in a while. Everything has been so scheduled and planned….except I went and rode dune buggies in Ibiza with my tour manager.

Where do you think the EDM scene will be in 5 years?

I think music as a whole evolves into different things you know. You have the pop world, country, hip hop, rap and electronic music and everything just all blends into one at one point. Everyone helps each other out in one way. I think it’s gonna get bigger and more mainstream because it’s heading that way now, but I think it’s just gonna keep evolving. As long as there are clubs and alcohol and people dancing I don’t think dance music is going anywhere. Once people stop dancing then I’m screwed.

What do you think of the future house trend like that Oliver Heldens style?

I was just with Oliver at Beyond Wonderland, we played the same stage. Yeah he’s an awesome guy really nice, very talented, I love that sound. I did a track like that actually with Sean Frick and Delaney Jane, I definitely like that sound. It’s really fresh to the ears to hear something a little different since everyone’s kinda playing the same shit.

What should everyone shut the fuck about?

I’m getting tired of the Tsunami 2.0 comments. I’ll make “Invincible” or “Wildfire” and they’ll be like Tsunami 2.0. How does that sound anything like “Invincible,” “Wildfire,” or “Beast” – it’s crazy to me. That’s getting kinda annoying but it’s just the keyboard warriors online.

If you think of all the fans that you have and then the trolls it’s very small percentage.

It’s a very small percentage.

Thank you so much have fun at your set.