Oliver Heldens Shares His Top Production Tips – TURN UP THE BASS

We caught up future house poster boy Oliver Heldens at TomorrowWorld where he shared some of his masterful production tips. Check it out to get an insider’s look at the techniques that work to slay the charts!

First I never use compressors.  I just use the camel phat distortion to progress my sounds to a higher volume.

I don’t put anything on the master.

I’m working a lot on my sound design in Massive and Sylenth creating my own sounds. I just started with sounds.  I started making sounds a few years ago and every time if I find something good I save it.  Then later on I work on it again then I save it again. After time I had my own sound.  That’s the way I made “Gecko.”  It wasn’t just like in one day – it developed over time.

A tip is to really listen what changed.  If you press one note you should really listen to what then changes. I can’t explain what changes because it’s all these production and technical terms. I just listen to it until it sounds good.

With music it’s all about the right elements together.  I actually don’t have a lot of stuff on the different channels it’s basically just EQ, reverb, and sometimes the camel phat on it.  For me it’s all about about finding the right combination so I make a lot of different options of sounds and patterns and I experiment a lot.  Sometimes I’ll have like 30 massivs and 50 sylenths but I’ll only use 4 of them because the rest of them didn’t work out.

There are no secrets to get your tracks better.  There’s no special knob – it’s all about your ears.  

For me a track is never perfect. If I listen to my tracks from 1 or 2 years ago I would change stuff now.

The start has to be good.  If I’m searching for a combination of sounds together and melodies for me it has to already sound good without a lot extra effects and stuff. If people take a look at my projects it will look pretty basic I think.  But of course there’s a lot of automation clips to put the filters in or to drop the volume a bit or put like some funny effects and delays.